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We take the time to provide each and every client with a clean, informative, top-tier experience.

With years of experience, gentle hands, and great attention to detail, you can count on us for excellence!

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Meet the Owner  Kyla Jade

Kyla started her career in Body Piercing as a shadow when she was 17.  After learning the ropes and earning her license in Coos Bay, she miraculously landed a position at Eugene Tattoo and Body Piercing Company. During her time at Eugene Tattoo Co., Kyla worked underneath and side-by-side multiple state board members (including Cameron Straub, chairman of the board at the time, and Matthew "Matteo" Holmes, succeeding chairman ). With roughly half a decade of professional experience, Kyla opened Mane Street Piercing in 2020. 

During 2022 Kyla attended Eugene Tattoo School, apprenticing under Cameron Straub at Viking Tattoo Studio in Junction City, and is now tattooing  professionally (as well as piercing) out of Mane Street Piercing.

Cleanliness, precision, and customer satisfaction are just a few of the things Kyla takes pride in. She's also gentle, patient, and kind.  If you're looking to get professionally stabbed, Kyla is your girl!