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Our Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

-Keep the bandage on for a minimum of one hour or up to 24 hours.
*2nd skin stays on for 3-5 days (as long as it stays intact)

-Wash your tattoo immediately after taking off the bandage. 

-Always thoroughly cleanse your hands, clothing, bedding, and/or anything that will come in contact with your tattoo. -NEVER touch your tattoo, apply lotion, or allow anyone to touch your tattoo without washing hands. Avoid wearing clothing that rubs on or irritates your tattoo. 

-Only apply lotion to your tattoo if it feels dry or tight, typically 48-72 hours after the procedure. Otherwise leave your tattoo alone.  When your tattoo feels tight and dry, wash hands, and completely rub in a minimal amount of lotion.  Your tattoo may start to lose scabs or flakes in 3-5 days. Do not pick off the scabs or fakes as you could pull out ink or  cause scarring. 

-Remember to never touch your tattoo with dirty hands or allow others to.  

When using lotion avoid fragrance, dyes, Alpha hydroxy, and Aloe Vera. 

-Do not use any scented generic or cheap products near or on your tattoo. 

-Do not use any ointments or petroleum based products on or near your tattoo. Petroleum based products include; Neosporin,  A&D Ointment, Vaseline, Bacitracin, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Bag Balm. 

-Do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on your tattoo. 

Do not soak, swim, sauna, or use a hot tub (including baths) for at least 2 weeks.  

-Do not take long or hot showers until your tattoo is healed. 

-Do not sun tan, use tanning beds, or apply any color enhancing lotions for at least 30 days. It is important to remember that too much sun exposure on freshly tattooed skin will cause scarring, fading, and difficulty healing. 

-Touch ups are not free. Disregarding any of these healing instructions and/or using any non-recommended products may cause  skin reaction, including scarring, or other problems healing your tattoo. 

-Do not listen to anyone who did not do your tattoo. Friends, so-called “street experts,” or other shops may give conflicting advice. If you have any problems with our healing instructions or hear conflicting information that you have questions about, feel  free to call and discuss it with us. 

After receiving a tattoo service by a licensed tattooist, it is up to you to take appropriate care of the tattooed area during the healing period.
If you have any questions or comments during the healing of your tattoo procedure, please contact your licensed tattooist at:     (541) 321- 0125